ArleKin committees 

The European area for social inclusion provides a framework in which all the initiatives that have already been developed at European level and in particular after the Paris-Créteil Seminar, are brought together:  joint projects on training and sharing of practices, symposiums, university partnerships for joint diplomas and sharing of practices, networks that have been set up on specific aspects of mediation, etc.   

These multiple initiatives should be pooled to ensure their sustainability and their organisation.  That is exactly what ArleKin Committees have been designed for:  bringing together all those involved at national or regional (depending on the country) levels and at a European level in order to create a sustainable and durable European area of mediation for social inclusion.          

  • They will be actively involved in the Tour of Europe organisation, the Website and European days organisation;  
  • They will develop all partnership initiatives at a national level (or regional level) to find resources to continue the activities beyond the CreE-A project (which will run until the end of 2019).   

ArleKin stakeholders are all involved in the organisation of the Committees and the definition of its form of governance.